Hazelnuts Diseased with EFB (5 years old)

Five year old hazelnuts susceptible to Eastern Filbert Blight. Dr Molnar, and his co-investigator Dr. Joseph Goffreda, through Sun Grant and Rutgers projects have investigated the tree-seed, hazelnut, as a potential feedstock for biodiesel. Production in the Northeast has been limited by the disease, Eastern Filbert Blight (EFB). A collection of hazelnuts at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, has over 5,000 hybrid plants with 200 identified that are well-adapted, productive, and resistant to EFB (Eastern Filbert Blight).. The project taps into this resource and performed the following analyses: 1) Evaluated kernel percentage and crude kernel oil content in the top 200 genotypes. 2) In the top 25 performers, evaluated fatty acid content and types 3) In the top 10 performers, clonally propagated and established a replicated yield trial.
Image by Thomas Molnar, Rutgers University, Department of Plant Biology & Pathology
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