Instructions for Contributing Images:

We are looking for images that demonstrate your work in the agricultural production, processing and use of sustainable energy: showing equipment, methods, feedstocks and other renewable energy sources. When you submit an image, we'll ask you for:

  • Title & description of the image.
  • Any acknowledgements required, such as photographer and organization.
  • Topic (from list).
  • Additional tags for searching.

All images will be available for use under a Creative Commons license requiring acknowledgement, allowing modifications, and not allowing commercial use.

Contribute Images

Instructions for Contributing Video:

We want to collect video that illustrates your work (see below for specific video requests). Your video content must already be hosted online. We are able to embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo or provide links to videos hosted elsewhere. All you need is the URL where you view your video. 

To get your video online:

  • If your Department/Agency already has a YouTube Channel or Vimeo Account, upload your video file to this account.
  • If you do not have access to a video sharing service, or would prefer that the video be hosted on the Farm Energy YouTube Channel, contact Sue Hawkins ( to get the log in information or instructions for FTPing the video file.

Once your video is online, click the button below and enter the following information:

  • Title & description of the video.
  • Video URL.
  • Any acknowledgements required, such as videographer, editor, organization.
  • Topic (from list).
  • Additional tags for searching.

Contribute Videos

Types of Videos Requested:

Polished/Edited Video: If you have worked with a filmmaker, local television station, or media team at your university or extension office to produce a profile of your research, this would be a perfect addition to our video library. Videos should range from 3 to 15 minutes in length.

Short video from the field: As video cameras (and still cameras and phones with video capture) are ubiquitous, you may have already captured a short clip from the field. For short videos from the field, we recommend that you:

  • Prepare a short script of what you would like to say on camera before you begin recording.
  • Have someone else help you record who can monitor the video camera and listen with headphones.
  • Use a tripod to ensure the footage is steady.
  • Use a microphone to ensure the viewer will be able to clearly understand you.
  • Talk to the person behind the camera rather than directly to the camera (much easier to talk to a person than a machine).
  • Where possible, we recommend using visual aids/props to illustrate what you are talking about (for example, holding or pointing directly to the plants or a piece of equipment).
  • Keep it short - we recommend videos of this type be five minutes or less.

Raw footage: We do not recommend posting raw, unedited footage directly to this video library, but we are interested in reviewing the footage. Send us files under 2 GB in size by using the free WeTransfer service and directing files to this email address: Mail files on CD or tape to Daniel Shearer, 41 Vesper Street #2, Portland, ME 04101.